Henningsvær Stadium
Sports where you least expect it

Henningsvær Stadion, Norway

If you want to take in a soccer game and the grandiose beauty of the Norwegian Sea at the same time, this place is pitch perfect. Squeezed into a small Norwegian fishing village, it's fair to say that Henningsvær Stadion's grounds will probably never host a UEFA Champions League. But, while it lacks stands for spectators, there's still plenty of atmosphere to soak up in this striking location. Those who play here do so surrounded by the sound of waves, seabirds, and the smells of salt air and cod, drying on the racks surrounding the pitch.

Cod fishing is central to the economy here in Henningsvær, in the Lofoten Islands–but partly due to drone photography, this scenic pitch has become an important tourist attraction. Resting on a rugged island, surrounded by bare rocks and deep blue waters, watching a game here can make for a surreal and unforgettable experience.