Chinese new year lanterns
Happy Chinese New Year's Eve

Chinese New Year's Eve

Happy Chinese New Year's eve! At the start of the Chinese New Year celebration period, Chinese New Year's eve is a very important occasion for Chinese people, it is the reunion day for every Chinese family. All family members will gather together, enjoying a grand family reunion dinner, chatting, singing, and laughing to celebrate this special day.

The family reunion dinner held on the evening of Chinese New Year's eve is one of the major events of the Spring Festival. In ancient times, it was the biggest meal of the whole year. People could eat a lot of food that they wouldn't normally eat. Dumplings, in Chinese, sound like the Chinese expressions of changing from the old to the new. The shape of a Chinese dumpling is similar to a gold ingot, people believe that eating dumplings on Chinese New Year's Eve means "ushering in wealth and prosperity".