Cibeles Fountain and Madrid City Hall lit for International Women's Day
Celebrating women

International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day, a day to celebrate women all over the globe and to take action to create a world that's diverse, inclusive, and equitable. The day originated when German activist Clara Zetkin pitched the idea of organizing an international day at a conference in 1910 and it was observed starting the following year. History brims over with the significant accomplishments and contributions of women. Marie Curie won Nobel Prizes in both physics and chemistry. Ada Lovelace wrote the world's first computer program in 1836. In 1964, Patsy Mink was the first woman of color elected to US Congress. Sister Rosetta Tharpe influenced a generation and helped create the genre of rock and roll. Today we celebrate their achievements along with those of all women, past and present. What can you do today to help create a world with gender parity?