Roman bridge
Where is this historical bridge?

Roman bridge of Córdoba, Spain

The Roman bridge of Córdoba, in the ancient Spanish city’s historic center, has been rebuilt several times over the centuries. For 2,000 years it was the city’s only bridge across the Guadalquivir River, originally built in the first century BCE during the expansion of the Roman Empire. Much of the current bridge dates from reconstruction in the 8th century following the Moorish conquest, a period when hundreds of mosques and palaces were built, and Córdoba became one of Europe's largest cities and a center of learning and culture.

While it has seen centuries of traffic, the bridge is now only open to pedestrians, following the opening of the Miraflores Bridge in 2004. If it looks familiar, you might have spotted it standing in as part of the fictional city of Volantis in 'Game of Thrones.'