Bear Hole Brook
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Bear Hole Brook, Catskill Mountains, New York

Stretched over 4,000 square miles in upstate New York, the Catskill Mountains captivate visitors with their breathtaking beauty. Towering peaks cloaked in forests surround valleys filled with meandering streams like Bear Hole Brook, seen in today's image. The region boasts hiking trails that wind through enchanting woodlands, past waterfalls and lakes while motorists can enjoy scenic drives and spot the region's covered bridges, dating from the 1800s. The Catskills also hold a place in cultural history, attracting artists and dreamers and as the fictional setting for the movie 'Dirty Dancing'—which was actually filmed in Pembroke, Virginia. With other attractions including ski resorts and picturesque small towns and hamlets, visitors continue to flock to the Catskills, a huge wilderness within driving distance of more than 20 million Americans.