Tiny gecko on leaf
Peek-a-boo, I see you!

World Lizard Day

When trying to draw attention to World Lizard Day, you don't want to lead off with a scary Gila monster or monitor lizard. Nope, what you want front and center is a cute little gecko like the one we see here. Geckos come in varying sizes across 1,500 species and are unique among lizards for their vocalizations for mating, distress, and social interactions.

World Lizard Day might not be a big event for most of us, but it is important: These reptiles are threatened worldwide, and as both predators and prey, they are a critical part of ecosystems. So today let's think about our scaled friends, and if you're thinking about getting a pet, why not a lizard? Leopard geckos and bearded dragons are among the most beginner-friendly lizards to own.