View from the summit of Roßstein mountain
International Mountain Day

Tegernsee Mountains

Mountains are some of the most interesting geological features that our world has to offer. Clear proof of the massive changes that happen beneath the surface of our planet, mountains have also served as playgrounds and places of worship for countless generations of humans. Anything that’s been such a mainstay for so many people and cultures through millennia is worth commemorating. So on December 11, we celebrate International Mountain Day!

Our excursion takes us to Upper Bavaria in the Tegernsee Mountains, a mountain region that belongs to the Bavarian Pre-Alps. The photo shows the view from the Roßstein (1,698 meters) to the Buchstein (1,701 meters). Both mountains form a double peak, in whose saddle the Tegernsee Hütte nestles. The refuge, which is open from mid-May to early November, offers board and lodging to hikers and climbers. Due to its exposed location, its location is often referred to as the "eagle's nest".