Yongfu cherry blossom garden in Longyan
The Scent of Early Spring

Cherry blossom garden, Fujian

According to the traditional Chinese solar calendar, there are 24 solar terms in a year. Lichun is the first solar term. In China, Lichun means ‘Start of Spring’. The date of Lichun in 2022 is February 3rd. There are many traditions for this special day. There are many traditional activities on this special day to welcome spring, including making a spring ox, standing up eggs, and worshipping ancestors.

The start of Spring is only a prelude to spring for many northern regions. Everything has not yet left its frozen state in most of northern China around February 4th. Spring Outings to Appreciate Plum Blossoms Going out to parks or grasslands/hills to enjoy the spring views is another popular activity during the Lichun festival. People also eat food related to spring is called ‘biting spring’ in Chinese. Spring pancakes, spring rolls, or Spring vegetables are the most popular “spring foods” eaten on the day of Lichun.