Ureddplassen, a rest area on the Helgelandskysten Norwegian Scenic Route
A public restroom or a tourist spot?

Ureddplassen Rest Area, Norway

With sweeping views of fjords, mountains, and the sea, this is possibly one of the best places in the world to rest when you are on the road. Ureddplassen Rest Area, also known as Uredd Rest Area, is located on a section of the National Scenic Road Helgelandskysten in Norway. Characterized by its minimalist, futuristic architecture and breathtaking scenery all around, Ureddplassen offers a visual experience like no other. It has marble benches and steps leading out to the open sea, and a wave-shaped public restroom with frosted glass that lights up beautifully in the dark. Since its unveiling, the rest area has quickly become a popular tourist destination that draws in both locals and visitors. Here, they can also witness the midnight sun in the summer and feast their eyes on the northern lights in winter.